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Guiqiu Liao

Project: ESR 1

Ultra-thin multi-steerable catheter tech

BioMechanical Engineering (BME)

Mekelweg 2

2628 CD Delft

+31 1 5278 2360


Fabian Trauzettel is a biomedical / mechanical engineer joining the ATLAS ITN as a PhD student working on ESR1. Born in Germany, he has spent the majority of his life in Ireland, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Cork Institute of Technology in 2016. His graduation project focused on the adaptation of existing FDM printing technology to print with a liquid PVC plastisol. Having gained a taste for research work, he began a master’s project under Dr. Pádraig Cantillon-Murphy at University College Cork. The subject of his thesis was the modelling and experimental validation of a steerable, electromagnetically tracked catheter for bronchoscopy in the peripheral airways, and largely took place at the the institute for image guided surgery (IHU) in Strasbourg. He later became a research fellow at the institute and eventually became the person in charge of the prototyping workshop. During this time, he came into direct contact with research in the fields of natural orifice surgery, intraluminal surgery, hyperspectral imaging, computer vision, laparoscopic surgery, endovascular interventions, medical simulation, surgical training, and perhaps most importantly, learned to speak “surgeonese”.

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