ATLAS is looking for outstanding candidates to fill in 15 Early Stage Researcher positions.

The proposed vacancies are Joint Doctorates. This means that part of the PhD will be hosted at the Main Institution, while part will be hosted at the Secondary Institution (a period between 6 month and 1 year).

The ESR will have the opportunity to achieve a double or joint PhD degree, fulfilling the requirements of both institutions.

Each ESR project foresees one or more secondments to relevant companies or research centre, not necessary in the same country of Primary or Secondary Institutions. Candidate mobility, as well as motivation, is a requirement.

ESR 14

Automatic endoscope repositioning with respect to the surgical task

Surgery often involves performing delicate operations with two hands or instruments. Those operations are typically even more difficult when considering MIS done in an intraluminal setting. This is due to the limited controllability of the flexible instruments and to the restricted access to the surgical site. Moreover, humans experience problems in executing complex tasks with flexible multi-arm endoscopes because of the large number of DOFs and the coupling between DOFs. Starting a surgical gesture in an unfavourable position may necessitate an interruption for repositioning, which is not always acceptable clinically.

ESR14 will develop a set of algorithms for intelligent repositioning of the endoscope and its arms in a favourable position. First, the intended gesture is detected using a task model combined with intraluminal sensing. Then, planning and control algorithms are developed to position the system such that the gesture can be optimally performed. While ESR14 aims to develop a semi-automatic robotic repositioning in where robot and operator collaborate. This is a large step towards full autonomy. The main target will be Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy, where robots are usually more complex, but the methods developed will be generic and therefore applicable to other scenarios.

Main  institution and supervisor: UNISTRA, M. de Mathelin

Secondary institution and supervisor: KU Leuven, J. de Schutter


Position has been re-opened

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New dead-line:  4th of November 2019