ALTAIR Robotics Lab

Strada le, Grazie 15

37134 Verona, VR, Italy

+39 347 134 5380


Sanat received his Bachelor(B. Tech) and Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Information Technology as part of the Integrated MTech(iMTech) program from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore(IIITB) in 2017. He later worked as a research associate at a start-up called Ati Motors Pvt. Ltd. focusing on the applications of machine learning and computer vision in the autonomous vehicle domain.

Sanat is currently at the ALTAIR Robotics Laboratory at the University of Verona in Italy for a joint Ph.D. along with the CAMMA research group at the University of Strasbourg in France, as an Early State Researcher with the Marie Curie ATLAS project under the European Union Innovative Training Network.

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