Training objectives

The ATLAS Project aims to provide first-class training  to the Early Stage Researchers, covering scientific, technical, business, clinical and socio-ethic aspects of surgical robotics

The following aspects are considered in the training plan:

  • best practices for developing assistive technology in a clinical environment,
  • access to and hands-on manufacturing experience of soft robot actuation technology,
  • experience with theory for modelling flexible instruments and deformable models,
  • experience with software framework for surgical robotics,
  • dissemination skills targeting both general and technical audiences, and
  • understand aspects such as ethics, intellectual property rights, and technological transfer toward the market.

Research objectives

The Early Stage Researchers, will make advances over the current state of the art in the following fields:

  • lumen reconstruction and lumen modelling,
  • sensor technology for intraluminal perception,
  • actuation technology for continuum robots, and
  • Distributed control and decision making for autonomous continuum robots.