Capita Selecta #5- The future of endoluminal robotics

By Beatriz Farola Barata | Oct 7, 2021 |

On Friday, October 8th 2021 from 6PM to 7PM, Prof. Alberto Arezzo will give a seminar to the ATLAS community, as part of the fifth Capita Selecta activity. The tile of this seminar is ‘The future of endoluminal robotics’, during which Prof. Alberto Arezzo will discuss his view on the topic. Bio: Prof. Alberto Arezzo…

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Capita Selecta #4 – The DEAM adventure: what it takes to bring an octopus into the operating theater

By Luca Sestini | Sep 2, 2021 |

Jules Scheltes, CTO, CMO and Quality Manager of DEAM, will give a talk about his experience on the field of steerable medical devices, and how to bridge the gap between academic research and translation into the operating theater. Abstract: medical steerable devices provide maximum freedom in the surgical area, increasing surgeons dexterity and minimizing their…

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Journal club: Bowyer et al 2013.

By Fernando Gonzalez Herrera | Apr 2, 2021 |

Bowyer et at. presents a review of active constrains in a generalized active constraint implementation framework; by defining, evaluating and enforcing these constraints. Geometry based definitions can simple as single point, and more complex e.g. a parametric 3D surface. The evaluation is made by computing metrics to and from the active constraint, to the constrained…

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Journal club: Martin et al, 2020

By AmeyaPore | Apr 1, 2021 |

Enabling the future of colonoscopy with intelligent and autonomous magnetic manipulation James W. Martin, Bruno Scaglioni, Joseph C. Norton,Venkataraman Subramanian, Alberto Arezzo, Keith L. Obstein, Pietro Valdastri Nature Machine Intelligence (Volume: 2, September 2020) DOI: In this work, authors proposed a magnetic endoscope that can be controlled externally using a robotic arm such as…

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Journal club Berthet-Rayne et al, 2018

By ChunFengLai | Apr 1, 2021 |

Inverse Kinematics Control Methods for Redundant Snakelike Robot Teleoperation During Minimally Invasive Surgery Pierre Berthet-Rayne| Konrad Leibrandt| Gauthier Gras| Philippe Fraisse| André Crosnier| Guang-Zhong Yang IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (Volume: 3, Issue: 3, July 2018) DOI: This paper investigated and compared existing inverse kinematics control methods for a redundant snakelike robot that was designed…

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Capita Selecta #3 – Animal Models in MD Verification process – full video

By FinocchiaroMartina | Feb 21, 2021 |

On our third session of the Capita Selecta series , Mr. Jaume Amat provided his insight on the use of animal model in preclinical studies. Mr. Amat is a telecomunication engineer, currently  CEO at ROB SURGICAL and SPECIPIG. Check the full video here!  

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ATLAS Integration activity

By FinocchiaroMartina | Feb 10, 2021 |

During the first week of February we had two days of virtual integration activities. All the ESRs gave a pitch about their individual research advancements, to update the consortium with their progress. These pitches catalyzed a discussion among the ESRs to integrate their efforts towards a common clinical scenario. The ESRs identified three particular clinical…

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Capita Selecta #3 – Animal Models in MD Verification process

By FinocchiaroMartina | Jan 29, 2021 |

Jaume Amat will provide his insight on the use of animal model in preclinical studies. Abstract: MDR (Medical Device Regulation) is coming and it will have a high impact in new developments. Pre-clinical Studies become relevant in this process and engineers will have to cooperate with vets. Short bio: He is a Telecommunications Engineer and…

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Capita Selecta talk “Interventional Cardiology: what we currently do and future perspectives”

By Gianni Borghesan | Jan 18, 2021 |

We will have the pleasure to host Dr. Giovanni Monizzi form Centro Cardiologico Monzino (Milan, Italy) that will give a talk entitled: “Interventional Cardiology: what we currently do and future perspectives” Abstract: Interventional cardiology deals specifically with the catheter-based treatment of heart diseases. In the last decades, the technological advancements in this field took giant steps making…

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Journal club: Zheng et al, 2019

By ZhenLi | Jan 13, 2021 |

Zheng, Jian-Qing, Xiao-Yun Zhou, Celia Riga, and Guang-Zhong Yang  International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), pp. 8747-8753. IEEE, 2019. DOI: The current standard of intra-operative navigation during Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair (FEVAR) calls for the need of 3D alignments between inserted devices and aortic branches. The navigation commonly via 2D fluoroscopic images, lacks…

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