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European Joint doctoral program in autonomous intraluminal surgery.

Automatic Segmentation and Labeling

Courtesy of Polytechnic of Milan

About Us

ATLAS is a Marie Curie European Joint Doctorate school (813782) that targets the training of experts in a very specific branch of Robotic Surgery.

ATLAS stands for “AuTonomous intraLuminAl Surgery”. Intraluminal navigation, a particularly challenging branch,  reappears in many minimal invasive surgical (MIS) interventions that rely on steering flexible instruments through fragile lumens or vessels.

The project, coordinated by the University of Leuven, is implemented by a consortium of seven Universities and many industrial partners.

Project Objectives

The project will develop smart flexible robots that autonomously propel through complex deformable tubular structures. This calls for seamless integration of sensors, actuators, modelling and control. By engaging in this ambitious research topic, participants will be exposed to all aspects of robotics.

While contributing to the state of the art, they will become proficient in building, modelling, testing, interfacing in short in integrating basic building blocks into systems that display sophisticated behavior.

ESR14 opened again

By Gianni Borghesan | September 30, 2019

We still miss an Early Stage Researcher to fill the last position. ESR14 – AUTOMATIC ENDOSCOPE RE-POSITIONING WITH RESPECT TO THE SURGICAL TASK id now reopened. The new deadline is October 28, 2019.   More info here: Vacancies 

9th Summer School on Surgical Robotics, Montpellier

By Gianni Borghesan | September 30, 2019

Last week (23-28 Sept 2019), part of the atlas consortium as well as a number of Early Stage Researcher participates to the summer school in Montpellier, France. A good occasion to share ideas and perspectives with senior researchers.

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