Capita Selecta #3 – Animal Models in MD Verification process

Jaume Amat will provide his insight on the use of animal model in preclinical studies.

Abstract: MDR (Medical Device Regulation) is coming and it will have a high impact in new developments. Pre-clinical Studies become relevant in this process and engineers will have to cooperate with vets.

Short bio:

He is a Telecommunications Engineer and MBA from IESE Business School.

Since 2000, he has been directly involved in the creation of more than 10 companies in the field of biomedicine.

During the last 20 years he collected experiences in Tech-Transfer of different kind of products, technologies or services: Vaccines, biological treatments, Diagnostic kits, Medical Devices, Digital Health, services… Each technology or product with a specifics Regulatory and Business Model approach.

Currently he is CEO at ROB SURGICAL and SPECIPIG.

ROB SURGICAL is committed to develop best-in-class robots for minimally invasive surgery. The first one is the Bitrack system, with which we hope to universalize precision surgery worldwide.

Bitrack System is a first open robotic platform designed to improve the efficiency of today’s minimally invasive surgery.

Bitrack is the result of more than ten years of cutting-edge research in surgical robotics. Our value proposition is to improve the efficiency of today’s robots through unique technology, improved usability, and lower acquisition costs for hospitals.

SPECIPIG is a pioneer Breeding and Biomedical Research Centre focused on the pig model. SPECIPIG is a CRO (Contract Research Organization), specialized in the swine model, that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.