Capita Selecta talk “Interventional Cardiology: what we currently do and future perspectives”

Recording of the Capita Selecta

We will have the pleasure to host Dr. Giovanni Monizzi form Centro Cardiologico Monzino (Milan, Italy) that will give a talk entitled:

“Interventional Cardiology: what we currently do and future perspectives”

Abstract: Interventional cardiology deals specifically with the catheter-based treatment of heart diseases. In the last decades, the technological advancements in this field took giant steps making possible what 20 years ago was looking like science fiction. In this brief talk, an expert from “Centro Cardiologico Monzino” in Milan, will make an overview and discuss possible future perspectives, on the current interventional treatment for the most frequent heart diseases, ranging from coronary to valve disease.

The meeting was held online, on Tuesday 26th at 3 pm.

Bio: Dr. Giovanni Monizzi is a Cardiologist at “Centro Cardiologico Monzino” trained at University of Milan and with experience in research gained in Aalst, Belgium, one of the most important Centers for coronary intervention in Europe. Involved in the catheterization laboratory activity and in research especially in the field of trans-catheter valves treatment, acute and chronic coronary syndromes, coronary physiology and intravascular imaging.