The first call is amost close

By Gianni Borghesan | Jan 11, 2019 |

The first call will close the 15th of January. In this call, the ESRs 1-4, 7,9, 10, 12 are targeted. To apply, follow the instructions here.

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Vacancies are open

By Gianni Borghesan | Nov 19, 2018 |

It is now possible to submit your candidature to up to 3 of the ESR vacancies. Please refer to the information describing the hiring procedure.  

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Upcoming CRAS 2019

By Gianni Borghesan | Nov 6, 2018 |

Surgeons meet engineers ! Next CRAS will be held in Genova, Italy, together with the Young Surgeons National Association (SPIGC).

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Informal meeting at CRAS

By Gianni Borghesan | Sep 25, 2018 |

Some of us met in London to kickstart the project !  

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